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Turn your little one into a cute puppy for Halloween this year. With just 30 minutes and some easily available face paint, you can make your child the pick of the litter… Read More »
By Samantha Gurrie
Cardigans have come a long way since your grandma’s days. With many different styles, and even more ways to wear them, they have proven to be the ultimate layering piece. Here’s a breakdown of our favorite styles of the season… Read More »
Skinny jeans aren't just for skinny women, as they can flatter the bottom-curvy body and provide a sexy silhouette. In this video, learn how to choose the best cut and color of skinny jeans as well as how to style them… Read More »
By Samantha Gurrie
Hooray, it’s officially boot season! And the first pair we’re unpacking are our ankle boots, by far our favorite style. Not only can you walk miles in them, you can also dress them up or down, and they look good with everything. Read on to find out how to style them for work and play… Read More »
By Tricia Romano
This week at the movies: Brad Pitt is still handsome during war; Guillermo Del Toro whips up a fantastical kid’s movie; Nicholas Sparks ruins romance again... Read More »
By Jonathan BuyCostumes
Halloween season is back, but you don’t need orange and black to have an awesome Halloween party. To prove it, we’ve put together an ultra-eerie ghostly white party theme that’s sure to send chills down your guests’ spines... Read More »
Suit shopping can be a challenge, but keeping just a few key points in mind will save you from making ill-fitting, outdated and, dare we say, downright unattractive choices. These 7 tips take the confusion out of dressing for formal occasions with easy advice that every guy should know. What is a suit? How should it fit? How many buttons? What about tailoring? Give Pursuityourself a couple of minutes, and they'll get you up to speed… Read More »
By Kitt Crescenzo
The time for summer romance is officially over, but that just means the door is open for a fall fling! With leaves turning and temperatures dropping, it’s easy to get caught up in the rich romance of autumn. Dressing for the fall dating scene means ditching your summer styles while still keeping your look flirty and fun… Read More »
If you only add five items to your wardrobe this fall, select those that provide the most impact and flexibility. Watch as Mimi Ikonn models her five fave fall picks… Read More »
By Rebecca Paiement
Thankfully, plus size no longer means small selection. This fall there are a range of plus size fashions for fall/winter that accentuate the best parts of women’s physiques. Here are a few of our fave fall trends, perfect for larger sizes… Read More »

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