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By Hannah Rogers
Sweater season is here, but it’s still not quite cold enough to start layering on all those heavy cable knits. So what to wear now that the leaves are changing but the weather is still fairly pleasant? Read on to find out which sweaters are trending right now and are light enough to wear even on the warmest autumn day… Read More »
This week at the movies: an adorable animated film about storks who deliver retail products instead of babies; and the action-filled remake of a Western classic attempts to outshine the original… Read More »
With summer ending and fall just around the corner, deciding what to wear can be a bit awkward right now. When it comes to the weather, some days still feel like sizzling summertime, while others are definitely breezy and autumnal. But don’t let this “in-between seasons” situation stunt your style! Watch figure-friendly fashionista Loey Lane share her tips for looking stylish as we move from summer into fall. Loey’s 4 transitional looks are not only trendy, but flattering too… Read More »
By Hannah Rogers
Believe it or not, just because spring and summer are long gone doesn't mean you have to give up wearing cute dresses. Fashionable fall dresses are trendier than ever this season and are the perfect piece for a mild autumn day. Here are the top frocks this fall – why not try them all? Read More »
This week at the movies: Bridget Jones’ hilarious life saga continues (with a few unexpected turns!); the riveting true story behind a man’s decision to publicly leak classified NSA information is brought to life on the big screen; and the third installment of the Blair Witch horror franchise is suspected to scare us all… Read More »
Guys: did you know you can take your look from daytime casual to nighttime dapper in just a couple of simple style swaps? That’s right! At the end of the day, there’s no need to go and change your whole entire outfit before heading out for drinks or meeting a dinner date. Watch Carl Cunard as he teams up with Mode to show us just how easy and effortless it is to transform an ordinary daytime outfit into a look that’s suitable for a night out on the town… Read More »
By Hannah Rogers
Summer is over, but that doesn’t mean you can't embrace the new season and cooler weather! We know getting your closet ready for fall can be a little stressful, but don’t fret – we’ve narrowed your September shopping list down to 6 fashion pieces that will provide you with endless outfit combinations and style inspiration throughout the season. Here are the essentials… Read More »
This week at the movies: A delightful animated adaptation of the classic tale of Robinson Crusoe; and Tom Hanks stands out in Clint Eastwood’s film that tells the true story behind an airline pilot’s heroic emergency landing… Read More »
Fall is not just back-to-school season. In fact, the next couple of months are also a very popular time of year for job hunting and hiring initiatives. We all know interviewing for a new job or promotion can be nerve-wracking, not to mention figuring out what outfit to wear. But luckily, Rachel Zoe is here to take away all your style stress this hiring season. Watch to find out how to dress for a job interview so that you get noticed, but don’t compromise your professionalism… Read More »
By Hannah Rogers
The new school year is here and summer has officially ended. But don’t get too bummed out about classes starting up again – a new year can also be a great time to try new things, upgrade your personal sense of style, or even completely reinvent yourself! Teens: here’s what’s trending this fall so you can get ready to head back to school looking cool… Read More »

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