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This week at the movies: A romantic ensemble comedy that’s perfect for Mother’s Day; a frightening horror flick about a punk-rock band trapped inside a music venue; and a fun family film that tells the story of how two galactic heroes first joined forces as friends… Read More »
The sun is shining bright (finally!) and spring is in full swing. Finding yourself squinting more and more whenever you go outside? Or awkwardly using your hand to shade your eyes from the sun’s rays? Well worry not (and put your hand down), because we know just the solution: hello, fashionable and functional sunglasses! From classic aviator frames to new, modern metal bridge looks, there are endless styles and shapes to choose from that will surely keep you looking chic in the sunshine. Watch below as celebrity stylist and vlogger Lindsay Albanese shows us the latest sunglasses trends that will provide you with stylish UV protection for all of spring and summertime… Read More »
By Rebecca Cringean-Paiement
She’s your amazing mother, and so she deserves nothing less than an amazing Mother’s Day. Unfortunately, we are a little too old to make a macaroni necklace or bean art collage, and – although flowers are always lovely – it’s really nice to get Mom something thoughtful and personal. Not sure what she’d like? We’ve compiled our favorite gift ideas here to show her how much you really care… Read More »
This week at the movies: The true story behind the legendary (and mysterious) 1970 photograph of President Nixon and Elvis shaking hands in the Oval Office; and an icy snow queen seeks ultimate revenge after she is betrayed by her evil sister… Read More »
The chambray shirt has taken spring by storm. Lightweight, soft, and denim-esque, the simple chambray shirt can look feminine and flirty, polished and preppy, grungy and funky, or even casual and sporty – all depending on how you style it. Watch below as POPSUGAR shows us 8 different outfits designed around a chic chambray shirt. You’ll be inspired, and impressed, by all the styling possibilities… Read More »
By Tricia Romano
Spring weather can be a little bit like online dating – the outcome is often hard to predict. Sometimes it’s brisk; sometimes it’s raining cats and dogs; sometimes, it’s absolutely perfect… And sometimes, it’s all of them in one day. You, handsome, stylish man, need to be prepared for anything… Read More »
This week at the movies: The live-action remake of The Jungle Book lights up the screen (and steals our hearts); a death-row inmate undergoes a neurosurgical procedure and receives the memories and sharp skills of a CIA agent; and the fourth Barbershop film delivers plenty of good humor (per usual) and a good message to boot… Read More »
Spring is the perfect time of year to add some color to your wardrobe – and to your tresses, too. With summer weather and activities just around the corner, dying your hair now will ensure that your look lasts long into next season (in fact, coloring hair in summertime is actually one big no-no; salt water and chlorine from the pool are known to suck new color right out of your strands, so dying your hair before summer strikes is truly your best bet). Whether you desire an au naturel shade or something a bit more daring, there’s hundreds of hair color options out there to choose from. So how do you decide which hue is perfect for you? First of all: there’s no expensive trip to the salon required – with the right tips and technique, it’s much easier than you think to choose a hair color and dye your locks at home (and it’s also much more affordable). Watch below as hair color designer AJ Lordet shows us just how simple it is to pick your pigment and achieve fresh, beautiful color in the Read More »
By Rebecca Cringean-Paiement
Spring weather presents a bit of an office conundrum. What’s breezy enough to wear in the outdoor sun might conflict with the indoor air conditioning. Plus, depending upon your office dress code, something too short or sheer might be met with disapproving raised brows. Below, we’ve gathered our favorite spring trends that are incredibly fashionable but also entirely office appropriate… Read More »
This week at the movies: Melissa McCarthy gets super “bossy” on screen with her business-savvy troop of Brownies; Hardcore Henry takes us into an exhilarating, video game-like world where he must singlehandedly fight to save his kidnapped spouse; and a fun gang of college baseball players prove 1980 was one wild year… Read More »

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